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We are a company highly entrenched in the faith of comfort. We empower students and industries with comfortable garments that ensure good days, great times while maximizing productivity. Formally Apple Wear, Available Design House has grown over a period of 20 years. In the many years we have honed our skills as the pioneers in designer-functional uniforms. Today we stand as an experienced manufacturer of garments that aren’t just the benchmark for comfort but a strong brand identity for any institution

Client Confidentiality
Our clients are of the utmost importance to us. When dealing with brands, we take highest possible precaution to ensure that the design and fabric that belongs to you remains yours alone. Therefore, we take an additional step to keep all materials, designs that have been made for clients much like yourself out of the public domain.

Brands Something for everyone.
Our focus has always been with garments. We have, during our tenure extended our abilities from school-wear to industrial-wear along with bed linen and fabric trade...
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For children of all ages. We bring uniforms with a difference, You-niforms. They aren’t just about children looking good, they are about making them feel good through the day. Some of the most important features of our You-niforms include:

Unique designs: each design is customised for the institution. It is not merely a creative approach, but a thought through process in keeping with the institution’s standing, beliefs and colour palette
Child-friendly and functional You-niforms: Children are children, it’s wrong to expect them to be prim and poised. They will run, jump, have fun all the while trying to master their minds. All our You-niforms are designed to let them be children. Both the fabric and stitching have been chosen with care to ensure the very fact.
Quality and safety assured: You-niforms come with a higher cotton percentage. The fabric used for each You-niform is pre-washed and treated. Fabric reports provide complete transparency and surety on quality.
Size availability: Children come in all shapes and sizes and our You-niforms come in 17 sizes to suit them all.
Industrial uniforms. How does the right kind of uniform matter? The right kind of uniform is the difference between a productive employee and an unhappy one. Work environments are different, everything from the kind of industry to the place to the number of people working add up. An employee fitted in an uncomfortable uniform may just be busy adjusting the uniform and miss out on a detail. On the other hand a comfortable garment may let him or her concentrate and perform to the best of their ability without any bothers. It is really a matter of choice. The U-Perform uniforms maintain both style and comfort in synergy. So, while your brand standing is maintained, the employees remain at ease.
How are U-Performs different?: First and foremost, each design is unique, which means that your U-Perform will be yours alone. The garments are made with everything from schedules to wear and tear in mind, so garments in a factory will be different from those in a hospital. Of course, it is more than style we are talking about.
  • Over the years we have catered to a number of industries ranging from hospitals to hospitality, from factories to workshops and a myriad of others
  • We don’t limit ourselves to standard designs, if there is something special that your institution needs, we with our panel of designers and experts are here for you
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    Fabrics Knits, woven, and everything else.
    KNITS: The most favoured in terms of T-shirts, sportswear, track-pants, sweat-shirts etc. These are extremely comfortable and can be both customised and personalised according to your needs. We can provide you with 100% cotton, polyester and cotton or 100% polyester. Some of our other offerings include:
    WOVEN: This material is most preferred when for shirts, trousers, skirts, pinafore etc. Some of our offerings in the category include:
  • Shirting – 100% Cotton or Polyester
  • Cotton Suiting - Plain, Twill, Satin twill etc. (both in     fabric dyed or yarn dyed) in 100% cotton, Polyester X    Cotton or Polyester X Viscose
  • NON WOVEN: This is a long lasting and highly durable fabric that is usually used for wind cheaters, rain coats and disposable garments.
  • Single Jersey
  • Pique
  • Interlock
  • Lycra mix
  • Peanut etc.
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    Our Strength What makes us and keeps us strong
    Available Design House Pvt. Ltd. stands proud in the industry by maintaining international standards and the utmost quality. That said, we strongly believe in learning from the past and looking to the future. Over the years we have garnered our strengths and to assure absolute quality we have our own design team and factory. We use only the best when it comes to manufacturing garments.
  • Excellent to the touch
  • Shrinkage control
  • Colour Fastness to washing
  • Colour Fastness to crocking
  • Spirality / Bowing
  • Shade Change
  • Staining
  • Pilling Resistance
  • Count & construction
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    Our FactoryThe factory, the panel, the expertise
    Only the best can produce the best. Therefore, at our manufacturing unit we use only best machinery.
  • Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Bar tack Machines
  • Button Stitching M/C
  • Button Hole M/C
  • Elastic Attaching M/C
  • Over Lock Machines
  • Loop Attaching Machines
  • Belt Attaching Machines
  • Feed of the Arm Machines
  • Automatic Fusing Machines    (For Fusing Collars, Cuffs &    Placket)
  • Vacuum Press Tables with    Steam Press
  • Moreover, along with the above we also have screen printing of all types and embroidery facilities in house.
    Our ClientsSafety of Your Designs Assured
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    We are here to service all your needs. To get in touch with us you just need to call us on the numbers listed below or simply write us a mail and we will get in touch with you as per your convenience .

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